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From here, you can view Upcoming Events, find out more about  The Dental Business Academy or download my latest eBook.

Upcoming Events


Find out what events I have coming up, where to see them, what’s included in them and how to book on to them.

The Dental Business Academy


The Dental Business Academy is a directory of courses developed by dentists for dentists.

Latest Free eBook download

A good Educator has to take a complex issue and simplify it to help the novice student. That’s the philosophy behind my eBook series. I have condensed a lifetime’s clinical practice (and more dental education that I care to admit) to help the keen General Dentist to improve a significant part of their patient care or business practice.


Each eBook is not a complete education – let’s face it, that takes a lifetime! But I hope it can act as one of the stepping stones along your own Professional Journet in the wonderful world of dentistry.



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