Level 3 Advanced Diploma Aligner TCO Qualification


We have two TCO qualifications.  What’s the difference?

The TCO course can be taken as a generic version or as an Invisalign-specific version.  Units 1,2 and 4 are the same for both qualifications.  The difference lies in Unit 3.


Unit 3 is mainly about creating communication tools to help explain treatments to patients.  Unit 3 in the Aligner TCO version is specific for Invisalign and guides the student through the many resources available on this topic.  If the practice is doing a lot of Invisalign and would like the TCO to be discussing Invisalign most of the time, then I would recommend the Aligner TCO qualification.  This will give the TCO the best chance of being very knowledgeable about Invisalign as quickly as possible.

Unit 3 in the generic version is not treatment specific. If the practice is providing a mix of services (such as implants, restorative, endodontics) then it may be a better idea to enrol on the generic version.  In this version, the student will need to do the research (in combination with the dentist) on the various forms of treatments for Unit 3. 


There is nothing to stop the student applying for the Aligner TCO version and then creating their own communication tools for the other services, of course.

Course Information

Stand out from the crowd! Create a World Class Invisalign™ Team with a qualified Invisalign Treatment Coordinator to manage your ethical sales!

If you would like to speak to a dentist, please book a call with Dr Andy Toy here:

If you would like to speak to a qualified TCO, please book a call with Tracie Barnett here:

Invisalign patients who go through a comprehensive consent/ethical sales process are more likely to:


  • Accept your treatment plan
  • Recommend your practice
  • Have reasonable expectations for the outcome – that is,
    Be A Happy Patient!


The foundation of great consent is the quality of the relationship between the patient and the practice. A well-trained, confident Invisalign TCO is the best person to build this relationship and boost your consent and ethical sales process.


Dr Andy Toy has created the world’s first TCO qualification dedicated to the ethical selling of Invisalign.

This practical online qualification is designed to train your Invisalign™ TCO on:


  • The basics of consent and ethical sales
  • How to communicate with different types of patients
  • The wide array of resources available to explain the pros and cons of Invisalign to patients
  • How to manage the quality of your consent records and monitor your new patient inquiries


Each module has exercises and an assignment that will automatically improve the TCO’s knowledge, skills and understanding. Our team of GDC registered tutors are on hand to guide them every step of the way.


This course can be taken at the learner’s own pace to fit into their busy lives. It does not require the time and effort to go on training days.


And, once they have successfully completed their assignments, the Invisalign TCO will gain an enormous boost to their confidence when they receive their Advanced Diploma Certificate. They will be a QUALIFIED Invisalign TCO!


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£197.25 x 12

Course details

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Application method


Easy Payment Option

£197.25 x 12

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Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding study and admission contact our enquiries team on  info@drandytoy.co.uk

Course style

Our L3 Certificate in Treatment Coordination course is delivered by E-qual portfolio: an academic website platform. E-qual portfolio offers a virtual learning system offering continuous access to:

  • Course workbooks
  • Comprehensive one-to-one tutor support
  • Submission of and feedback on course assignments
  • Excellent study planning
  • Student forum

Course time

125 hours GLH (Guided Learning Hours).

This means we allow a student nine months to complete our L3 Certificate in Treatment Coordination course.

Course structure

Unit 1 – Roles and Responsibilities of the Treatment Coordinator

  • Defining the TCO role in detail by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying opportunities for professional development
  • Understanding the principles and importance of effective teamwork
  • Exploring what is meant by the ‘New Client Experience’
  • Understanding the principles of client consent
  • How consent may differ in relation to vulnerable groups
  • Identifying the impact of current guidance in obtaining, recording and storing patient information.

Unit 2 – Effective Communication for the Treatment Coordinator

  • Understanding a range of effective communication strategies
  • Exploring the congruency between verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • How to combine effective communication skills with DISC personality profiling
  • Identifying barriers of Transactional Analysis to support communication strategies for the TCO
  • How to work with challenging and difficult patient groups
  • Resolving any breakdown in professional relationships by means of evaluation and reflective practice.

Unit 3 – Obtaining Consent for Invisalign Treatment

  • Knowing the difference between marketing and sales
  • Knowing the difference between ethical and unethical marketing and sales
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how to conduct an initial consultation with a new Invisalign client
  • Demonstrating your ability to explain Invisalign treatment to clients and help them understand the value to their oral health and appearance.

Unit 4 – Clinical Governance of the TCO Service

  • Knowing what is meant by Clinical Governance
  • Understanding the importance of good TCO records
  • Knowing how to write a TCO procedure
  • Understanding the Audit Cycle
  • How to measure the TCO performance
  • Developing an action plan to improve and sustain the TCO service


Our Level 3 Certificate in Treatment Coordination course will require you to write one assignment for each unit. These will be marked by your tutor and they will provide you with excellent feedback.

As you progress through our Level 3 Certificate in Treatment Coordination course you will be required to carry out core reading, activities, some research and assignment writing.


There are none. Your final result will be based on continuous assessment.

At the end of this L3 Certificate in Treatment Coordination successful learners will be awarded a certificate of achievement by NCFE. As an added bonus you will also receive 15 hours of verifiable CPD certificate by the Dental Business Academy. This course has been accredited under NCFE Customised Qualifications held by the Dental Business Academy.


Our qualification has been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and has been accredited by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigor.


NCFE is an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). This is an unregulated qualification and is not a nationally recognised qualification


To describe the level in relation to the qualification:

This qualification has been accredited as a Customised Qualification and we have benchmarked the qualification’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level (using a national framework’s level descriptors) to allow you to demonstrate the difficulty and depth of study.


Certification from NCFE:

On completion of the Customised Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification. This qualification has been accredited by NCFE under the Customised Qualification and the certificate of achievement will be issued directly by NCFE.

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