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It’s All About The Relationship

We believe a confident, professional Invisalign® Treatment Coordinator (TCO) is the key to a super-successful Invisalign® practice. A great Invisalign® TCO is the thread that connects the many steps involved in the Invisalign® Patient Journey. With a long treatment process like Invisalign®, that’s a lot of steps!

There’s a lot more to being an Invisalign® TCO than arranging finance and sending off records, though. The super-successful Invisalign practices recognise that patients buy Invisalign® on TRUST. They are buying the practice as much as they are buying the product.

And trust depends on the quality of the RELATIONSHIP between the practice and the patient. Our experience shows that, no matter how hard a dentist tries to communicate with a patient, they will never be able to build a relationship with a patient as quickly or as effectively as a confident, professional Invisalign® TCO. How many times has the patient turned to the dental nurse and ask them to explain what the dentist has just said?

Why is this? Patients struggle to listen and understand the dentist when they are in your surgery – it’s a fact. They also believe dentists are busy professionals who are short of time – which is usually true! And they know that dentist’s time is EXPENSIVE – which is also true!

There’s also a saying that ‘the patient will not understand until they FEEL understood’.


To truly connect with a practice, the patient must be given the chance to tell their story. The patient needs to know that the practice understands their background, what’s important to them, their hopes and fears for the treatment etc. etc.

All of this takes TIME (as well as some skills and knowledge) – exactly what the patient believes the dentist does not have. So why not unleash the potential within your practice and develop a confident, professional Invisalign® TCO?

The Aligner TCO Network

We believe so strongly in the value of the Invisalign® TCO that we have created a support network just for them. So many Invisalign® TCOs are working in isolation with little formal training and we believe they deserve MORE! It’s free to join, too!


We connect Invisalign® TCOs from around Europe and provide a safe ‘home’ for them to share ideas, access resources and keep abreast of all the new developments that are constantly happening in the world of Invisalign®.

The Aligner TCO Network consists of a closed professional Forum and a Resource Centre provided by The Dental Business Academy. The Forum is a positive, supportive place to post comments, updates, and suggestions and ask questions - all moderated by experts in the world of Invisalign®. The Resource Centre is managed by Dr Andy Toy, International Speaker on Invisalign and CEO of The Dental Business Academy.


Would you like to be a qualified Aligner TCO?

Level 3 Advanced Diploma Aligner TCO Qualification


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Dr Andy Toy MMedSci (Clin Ed) BDS MFGDP(UK)

One of the reasons Andy became a dentist was the idea of working in teams. In 1984 he launched his own practice in Loughborough, UK, with the vision of eliminating dental disease in his community. He quickly discovered there was no way he could achieve this on his own. So in 1986 he trained up his first Treatment Coordinator to support patients along their personal journey towards oral health. It was a stunning success, with the practice winning awards for their innovative team work and practice management.


Andy also has a keen interest in dental education. In 1999 he was the first GDP in the UK to gain a Master’s Degree in Clinical Education. He combined his training expertise along with his knowledge of working with dental teams to create The Dental Business Academy (DBA) in 2010. The DBA gives team members the opportunity to develop their careers by gaining post-registration qualifications. The DBA operates entirely online with GDC Registered tutors in support. This means every student can work at their own pace and can ‘earn while they learn’.

Andy has published research on the modern Consent Process in General Dental Practice. It is very clear to him that high quality consent and the ethical sales process are pretty much the same thing. The dentist’s role is to provide patients with appropriate options, and help them make the right choice. The patient needs knowledge, time and, crucially UNDERSTANDING. And what’s the best way to help them understand? Make them FEEL understood! And who is the best person in the practice to do that? You guessed it – the confident, professional Invisalign® TCO!

For Andy, working with an Invisalign® TCO is the best way to ensure he will have the best possible consent process in his Invisalign® practice. And the best-of-the-best TCOs will clearly understand their role in the patient’s Consent Process.

So Andy created a DBA Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Treatment Coordination, which effectively makes the TCO the Consent Manager within the practice. There are modules on the Principles of Consent and Ethical Sales, Personalising Communication, Building Resources and Quality Management of Clinical Records and Marketing. He has also created a special module for Invisalign® TCOs to guide them through the many resources available for communicating the benefits and risks of Invisalign®.

Why not join the Aligner TCO Forum today? It won’t cost you a penny.

Start connecting with your fellow Invisalign TCO professionals. You won’t be on your own anymore!

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